Tuesday, February 10, 2015



Hello hello! :D

I'm in the stage of changing my new phase of life. And cause of that, people can see how clumsy, tired, over thinking even messy I am now. I'm busy planning and scheduling a lot of things here and there. I will have new life status, new workplace, new house, new surrounding. Hows that sounds to you?

Challenging. That is the sound for me :)
I always think that I am a type of boleh kawal my stress. Give me tons of work to be done. I might babble/nag on that, but at the end, I always manage to finish it up on time. Mari puji diri sendiri.


Yes, until I almost get fainted on my way to office last Tuesday. Now that makes me realize I am not an Iron Lady. Hahaha.. I need a rest. I need to take a break. A one whole MC day would be enough. I need to sit down and relax and sleep. Mengadanya diri ini, petang hari masa MC tu boleh lagi terfikir nak drive all the way long to Cowboy to check on some goodies. Tidak sedar diri lagi yang diri ini hampir tumbang masa berjalan.

I can feel the worries from my fiance and my mak. Both of them were checking on me every single minutes and hour during my MC. Maklumlah, dah bertahun kerja tak pernah pernah MC. This is the first. Bukan sebab tak pernah sakit. Tapi tak suka pergi klinik dan makan ubat. Hehe.. What make them worried more was what the Doc wrote on the MC slip. She said I suffered from Tension Headache. 'Suffer' lah sangat. Kejam perkataan tu. Bunyinya macam aku ada masalah besar yang tak dapat diselesaikan. -_-

As I slowly sit and think what am I doing right now, I cant accept my condition is in stress/tension. Because I AM NOT! I just tired. Itu sahaja. I am happy on my new coming life. Cant even wait for that. Hahaha..

On top of that, I am very truly grateful with my life. Despite being that 'busy', I am so seriously happy. My life now are full of happiness and love is on my air. Hahaha.. Alhamdulillah ya Allah. What can I ask more? But there are lots lots to thank for.. :')

Till then, muahxx..

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