Tuesday, August 24, 2010

English time!!! thumbs up3..!! =)


hehe.. rase nak tersenyum biri-biri plak tibe2 bile terkenang-kunang waktu presentation drama kelas bi.. best2!! oh, oh.., dsebabkan entry pasal english time.., why not post in english plak kn3?? setelah sekian lame... dulu rajin jek post in english..kenapakah???

pesanan penaja: plez really do ignore my grammar, vocab mistake... :P

ehem2.., well..., after a really hard work for a week, day, hour, minute, second with my sporting groups members; gan, engku, hasif n me of course., our drama was superb! ( i guess.. lol!!) seriously, it's gonna be something dat really sweet sweet candy memory.. like3!! =)

oh.., excited nya ak.. hak2.. btw, our preparation for the sketch takes more than a week, but hey we r not practicing every day.. but quites lots! n i guess the hard work we faced on are paid by the big hand from our classmate.. tq guys!! luv ya.. :)

practicing time.. memorizing the script.. preparing the props..

gan n me.. :)

engku, me n gan.. :)

gan, hasif n engku..
they r already tired.. almost more than 3 hours we r practicing on that day..
gud job guys.. :)

n my role on the sketch is as a customer, Gan n engku play as a great hair desighner, last but not least; hasif as big bos a.k.a manager.. new experience, work wif new friends.. english gives us lots of work to do, mostly steal our time.. but give a great lesson..

the day is come... :)

before d presentation.. introducing each others..

scene 2: me n gan r having some small talk, giving information n canceling the appointment...
3 in 1.. gud!!! :)

they r gud actors.. trust me! hahaha.. :)

scene 3: the end of the story.. finally... :)

and ya., miss d day we spend time laughing, practicing, sharing ideas n stories, have a drink together2, walking in d midlle of d nite n so on.. sob3.. keep in touch guys! n also.., recently, i'm now busy on my paper project report.. more work to be done.. wish me luck dude! :P


green rose said...

mesti tngoh debor dup dap dup dap tuh....hahahaha

Aisyah/ecah said...

hahha.. yep2.. btol2.. hehe..:)

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