Friday, March 20, 2009


Are you bored??? lets answer some of this questions...

1. Who is closer to you? mother or father?

2. What month do soldiers hate?

3. What two words contain thousands of letters?

4. How do we know the ocean is friendly?

5. Why is the letter E so important?

6. Who works only one day in a year but never gets fired?

That's all for now.. I'll show the answer at comment space...



answer said...

1. father (far-ther)
2. march (marching)
3. post offices
4. it waves
5. it is the beginning of Everything
6. santa claus

[izzie_heart]* said...

i know this already nik xD
hwahwa i'll miss those times.

Aisyah/ecah said...

hehehe... saje post all this riddles..

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