Thursday, December 18, 2008

Class with 10000 students???

Class with1oooo students??? thats sounds weird right?! well i'm not lying if you just enter 5F36 Science Physical class. It is my class with 10 hyperactive boys and 15 cutes girls... Hehehe.. we just know each others for only 8 months i think. But if people don't know, we are seem like close with one another for a years.. we are talking, laughing, playing, take a photos like there are no ends to us.. well, i just can say that i really happy with my class members now.. you're so sporting guys!!

our candid photos. Peace everyone!!!

all in blue.. except me. i'm in pink!!!

friends forever!!!


nIk nUr LiyAni said...

look likes very enjoyable moment!well..enjoy the half part left!!..the shortest time to spend together,the more u appreciate it!!^_^

[izzie_heart]* said...

best nyee...
hwahwa xD
baaagus!! xD

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